2024 Deep Dive Financial Management Training, Greenville, SC

Materials and Presentations Downloads:

Wednesday, February 7:

An Eagle’s Eye View – An outside perspective on Regional Councils/Development Districts Financial Operations and Performance

Block and Tackle: Fundamental Accounting and Financial issues facing newer Finance Directors (and Executive Directors)

Ways to Improve your Council’s Financial Position and Long-term Financial Sustainability

Dear Diary: What Finance Directors WANT Executive Directors to understand about their positions and responsibilities

Recruitment and Retention: Ideas and innovative approaches to attract and retain finance personnel and other employees

Navigating in the Fog: Clarity for classifying exempt/non-exempt
employees and independent contractor/employees

Thursday, February 8:

“Playing Well with Others when Utilizing Federal Funds – part 1: Subrecipients vs. contractors and the nature of the federal financial relationship

“Playing Well with Others when Utilizing Federal Funds – part 2: Subrecipient management and monitoring

“Playing Well with Others when Utilizing Federal Funds – part 3: Procurement of goods and services using federal grant funds

Holding Hands: The relationship between, and varying organizational structures of, human resources and finance in regional councils/development districts

Where to Begin: Getting started as a new finance director, prioritizing needs, putting out fires, and assessing your organization (Personnel/administrative/financial policies)

            “The Main Event: The Human Resources Role in Councils of Governments”

Friday, February 9:

Frustrations with the GASB Cartel: New GASB pronouncements and issues for Regional Councils/Development Districts plus additional Annotations

Next Steps in Financial Management: Establishing a professional network for finance staff to discuss industry trends, share concerns, and identify best practices and develop financial leadership for SERDI regional councils/development districts.